Pool Excavation Service

Pool Excavation

Pool Excavation Services Hayden ID

Why Choose Rogue Excavation for Your Pool Excavation Needs?

Looking to create your backyard oasis with a beautiful pool? Our reliable and professional excavation company in North Idaho can help make your dream a reality through safe and detailed pool excavation services.

For years we have worked with local clients who request various pool sizes and shapes. We have years of experience in excavating and can handle any pool size, from small and simple to large and complex. Our team takes great pride in the attention to detail, quality artistry, and commitment you need for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our pool excavation service includes:

  • Site Preparation: We will assess and prepare your site for excavation, ensuring that it is level and free from any debris or obstacles that could interfere with the excavation process.
  • Excavation: We will excavate the area to the required depth and shape, maintaining the integrity of your property and any nearby structures and working with local oversight or regulations.
  • Hauling & Disposal: We will haul away any excess dirt and debris, leaving your property clean and tidy.
  • Backfilling: We can contract with local providers to backfill the area around the pool, ensuring that it is adequately compacted to provide a stable foundation for your pool.
  • Grading & Finishing: We will grade and finish the area around the pool to ensure proper drainage and a smooth, level surface so your installation or landscaping team is appropriately prepared.

Living in North Idaho is a fantastic experience. Having a pool to welcome friends and family for everything from a graduation party to relaxing on a hot summer day is an excellent way to improve your property.

Call our team at Rogue Excavation today, and we will create a FREE quote to get started!